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Racial Discrimination Essay

There was a time in the United States of America when white Americans and African Americans were separated through a hierarchy. With the white Americans on top and the African Americans as slaves. This lead to what was recorded in history, the American Civil war where people fought to their death for equal rights. Also in recorded history was the invasion of the Spaniards in the Philippines for 333 years. People have fought and died for our country to be free and independent.

And yet, it feels like not all their efforts have reached the world. That is because our world is not free from racial discrimination. Why do people discriminate different races? Are we really so different from others that we have to be looked down upon? Just because we are not white, we are already as low as dirt? Just because we don’t look the same or speak the same language or have the same culture, we are already lower creatures?

Last time I checked God didn’t create the different races. He created only one race; humans. All with the same two eyes, two ears, a nose, a mouth, hair, skin, two feet-each with five toes, two hands-each with five fingers and a heart that beats life. We all speak a language. We all have cultures. We all need a roof on our heads, clothes to wear and food on our table. We are all born the same way and in the end, we will all die. Is that so hard to accept?

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