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Race and Racial Group Essay

Search the Internet for groups and organizations promoting racial equality to help you complete this assignment. You may also refer to the Internet Resource Directory in Ch. 13 of Racial and Ethnic Groups. Using the information from the text and your web search:

Identify one racial group from the list below:
· Hispanic American/Latino
Write a 500- to 750-word paper from one of the perspectives below: · A historian writing about the racial group in a book chapter · A news reporter writing a newspaper article or blog entry about the racial group · An individual member of the racial group, writing a personal letter to a friend who is not a member of that racial group Answer the following questions:

· What have been the experiences of this racial group throughout U.S. history? · What have been the political, social, and cultural issues and concerns throughout American history? · What legislation meant to constrain race within prejudicial boundaries was enacted? How did the various groups you researched fight this legislation? What legislation meant to alleviate prejudicial boundaries has been enacted? How did the various groups you researched promote this legislation?

Assignment: Historical Report on Race
Purpose of Assignment
Students explore a variety of resources on racial equality and write a paper from a historical perspective relating to the experiences of a particular racial group in the United States. By understanding the history of experiences of various groups, students will be better prepared to connect historical experience to racial diversity today.

Resource Required

Internet Resource Directory in Ch. 13 of Racial and Ethnic Groups

Essay Topics:

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