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Qwertyuiop: Secretary and Belmont Secretarial College Essay

Based on the short story, QWERTYUIOP, write about a character that you like. Give three reasons why you like the character and provide evidence to support your reasons. In the short story, QWERTYUIOP, the character whom I like is Lucy Beck. She was the main character in the story. She had just finished studying in Belmont Secretarial College and was looking for a job. She was lucky because she got a job at Ross and Bannister’s. I like Lucy Beck because she was a determined person.

In the beginning, Lucy had no confidence in getting a job. Even the principal in the college was doubtful because Lucy was a very slow typist. Lucy was determined to get the job as she came from a poor family. She was tired of eating macaroni cheese, baked beans and wearing second-hand clothes. She needed money to change her life-style. Lucy was also a courageous person. When she started working at Ross and Bannister’s she had problems. The spirit of a former secretary, Miss Broome, was haunting the typewriter she used.

The spirit chased away all the previous secretaries. However, Lucy did not let the spirit frighten her. She needed the job and she bravely confronted the spirit and managed to persuade her to leave the office. Another reason why I like Lucy Beck is because she was intelligent. Although she was very slow at typing, her intelligence helped her to convince Miss Broome to leave and not haunt the office anymore. She managed to gather information about Miss Broome from Harry Darke, a worker at the office.

Using the information, she praised Miss Broome saying that she was a good worker and that her late boss, Mr Bannister, missed her a lot. She also said that Mr Bannister still needed her services. In this way she managed to get rid of Miss Broome’s spirit and she can continue to work in the office peacefully. In conclusion, I like Lucy Beck because she looked simple and insignificant but she is able to defend her work using her own intelligence, courage and determination.

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