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Quantitative Research Process Essay

1. Research problem and Purpose is the area where research is needed to close the gap between knowledge and nursing practice. Purpose identifies the specific goal of the study (Burns & Grove 2011).

2. Literature Review identifies the known and the unknown of a particular study and documents what needs to be conducted.

3. Framework is the basis for the study or a theory that has been developed consisting of concepts and statements that define a particular study.

4. Research Objectives, Questions, and Hypotheses narrow the gap beteween research problem and purpose and identify the relationship between the variables and indicate the population to be studied.

5. Study Variables that are measurable, manipulated or controlled in a study. 6. Assumptions are statements that are considered true and implanted in thinking and behavior.

7. Limitations are restrictions that decrease credibility of findindgs.

8. Research design is the blueprint for the study that increases control over factors that may interfere with the desired outcomes.

9. Study Population include all elements that meet qualifications for the study and the sample are subsets of the population selected.

10. Method of Measurement is the process of assigning numbers to objects. Levels of measurement include nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio level of measurements.

11. Data collection is the systematic gathering of information important to the research purpose in which permission must be obtained for the agency where the researcher conducts the study.

12. Data analysis gives meaning to the study. Analysis techniques include descriptive and inferential analyses.

13. Research Outcomes involves examining results from the research process and considers implications for further studies.


Burns, N.,Grove, Susan. (2011). Understanding Nursing Research: Building and Evidence Based Practice. (5th ed.).Maryland Heights, MO: Elsevier Saunders.

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