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Quantitative Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Disney Market Research

In my perspective, methods that can be applied to Disney, which has a variety of different types of products (goods) and services is by applying multiple kinds of qualitative and quantitative methods, approaches, instruments, and with a variety of techniques to collect data and information. As we know that Disney has the products and services, of course, the approach method taken by both of these can be different as well. Goods are something that tangible and service is something intangible. Thus let’s discuss the research methods to be applied in any Disney product services. Disney Theme Park, Resort, Cruise Line and Hotel To explain the research methods to Theme Park etc, those tend to be characterized as a service product….

Research critique part 2

Quantitative Research Critique This is a quantitative study research critique of the research study conducted by Lisa M Black PhD,RN,CNE, Tragedy into Policy: A Quantitative Study of Nurses Attitudes Toward Patient Advocacy Activities. The findings from this research study was used in the state of Nevada to protect nurses when reporting unsafe conditions in patient care practices, thus providing a safer work environment where nurses can feel safe when speaking out where patient safety is in jeopardy from unsafe care practices. Protection of Human Participants The benefits of this study were the creation of legal protection for whistleblowers in the state of Nevada. There were no risks to any participants’ safety for this study. Informed consent was not needed as…