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Public transport Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Bus Transport

Rapid economic development exerts pressure on all infrastructure services vital for economic efficiency & social sustainability, particularly transport infrastructure. Sustaining the increase in economic productivity is contingent on meeting the mobility demand that such an economic growth creates, and hence on optimal utilization existing infrastructure. Accessing to transportation services is considered critical for addressing equity concern to primary education & employment generation facilities. Transportation infrastructure is also important for integrating rural communities in the socio economic structure of the nation. Public Bus transport in India is overwhelmingly provided by government owed bus companies. Even though the private sectors own buses relatively to that of government, private companies rarely synchronize with competitive pressure in terms of volumes. To Emphasis its services…

Transportation Nowadays

Nowadays public transportation is the question of vital importance for dwellers of big cities as well as for habitants of small towns. People face serious problems of traveling around the city using public transportation. At the same time, people who own cars also suffer from poor roads and endless car accidents. Should government care more about public facilities of buses and trains and subways or invest more money on fixing roads? Below I would like to point out two sides of this complex question. First of all, I consider the fair point to spend more money on improving public transportation. There are a lot of people with disabilities suffering from unavailability to travel simply because there is no facilities and…