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Public Goods Essay

We are very much familiar with this line “I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way”. Children are considered the hope of every nation for they will soon become our leaders. We all want our children to get everything they deserve to get, receive fair treatment and have high quality education because this will help them contribute to the welfare of the society, they are a good investment.

But not all parents have the capacity to provide even the most basic needs of their children. Sometimes we wish children were just valued as a public good. A public good is a term used by economists to refer to a product (i. e. , a good or service) of which anyone can consume as much as desired without reducing the amount available for others. ( Public Goods: A Brief Introduction).

Myra Stober suggested in her article that children must be raised and guided collectively so the nation as a whole will benefit from them not just their parents. If that happens, equality among children can be accomplished and the nation will prosper a lot from them. However, if this will be implemented it can lead to market failure where uncoordinated markets driven by parties working in their own self interest are unable to provide these goods in desired quantities. (Wikipedia)

Considering children as a public good is only an alternative and should not be considered the best solution because is not the best remedy to proper child care. Meeting their needs cannot be done in a snap because it takes a lot of consideration to do so. Works Cited The Linux Information Project (LINFO) “Public Goods: A Brief Introduction” Web . 16 Feb 2006. < 29 July 2010 <http://www. linfo. org/public_good. html> Public Good. Wikipedia. org. 29 July 2010. <http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Public_good>

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