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Psychological trauma Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Critically Analyse Two Theoretical Approaches to Cognitive Development

The rationale for the essay will be to discuss how early childhood memories can contribute to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) later in adult life. Negative early experiences such as child abuse can have a major impact on the development of the brain. Similar to adults with PTSD, children have trouble sleeping, can not control their memories of the trauma and are constantly on alert (Kuafman, Plotsky, Meyerhof & Charney 2000). Memory alterations connected to PTSD represent a complex interrelationship between brain and mind (Wilson & Keane 2004). The essay will therefore address a psychological and neurobiological approaches which have been typically associated with the diagnosis of PTSD. The psychological approach for discussion will be Freud’s(1896) psychodynamic model of neurosis…