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Providing Support for leisure activities Essay

Identify different activities that may be regarded as leisure activities Walking – Outdoor activity of moderate exercises around a park or to sight. Swimming – No impact activity, condition friendly exercise in a pool facility Gym – A low intensity activity that allows individuals to improve specific condition and reach personal goals. Sports such as badminton, basketball etc…

– Social physical activity Dancing – Social Physical Activity

Classes such as Zumba, Yoga, Pilates etc… – Social Physical Activity which helps promote wellbeing and core strengthening. 1.2: Explain how participation in leisure activities aids the wellbeing of individuals It allows them to build social connections as well and participate in physical activities which can reduce stress and anxiety and provide a break from everyday problems, allowing one to enjoy themselves. Also aids to motivation because it allows the individual to reach their goals 1.3: describe the potential benefits of trying out new activities from time to time Doing the same actives over and over can make it become tedious and allows the individual to become complacent making them feel like they have come to a stand still. So the benefits of doing a new activity allows them to meet new people, push themselves again by having new goals or objectives to meet, provide change and new found enjoyment.

And is also more effect because the body is working hard again to adjust to the new movements that it will be doing. 3.4: describe how and when to access additional information or support about participation in a leisure activity To access information or support about participation in a leisure activity I would talk to my line manager to explain what options or training that is available or talk to the manager of the leisure centre to ask what information or support they provide for activities within there leisure centres. I would access information or support when I client express another interest or if they have progressed or another leisure activity would be more suitable for there needs.

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