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Provide displays in schools Essay

1.4 Describe the requirements and procedures for carrying out a risk assessment for displays.

Health and safety regulations must be observed whilst putting up any displays for the safety of both staff and children in the setting.

Display boards must be securely attached to the wall by using screws to ensure safety and stability and must not be obstructing exits, light switches or sockets, fire exit signs or exposed wires of any sort.

If a ladder is needed to reach the top of the board, it must be flat on the floor with no wobble and another member of staff to hold it in position. It would be advantageous to display work during lunch time or before or after school if the display board is in a high traffic area i.e. a corridor where children walk frequently and in high numbers. This will minimise the risk of the person using the ladder being involved in an accident. Desks and chairs should never be used to climb on.

A wall stapler is the best way to attach work to the wall. Pins and clips can and will fall or be knocked off on to the floor where they could be stood on or picked up by children. Similarly, any kind of tape would be unfit for use as they do not hold any objects of weight securely or practically.

All work to be displayed should be put somewhere safe and out of the way of people walking past whilst it is being put up. It would be preferable to have another member of staff to assist in handing things to you and to check that things are safe and finally, that they look presentable and neat.

Ladders, staple guns, scissors, rolls of paper, blu tac, pens and any other equipment used must be put away promptly and securely. Ladders must be stowed away somewhere safe where they cannot be tripped over or children climb on them. All other equipment should be returned to class or the correct place that it is usually stored.

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