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Proverbs Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Analysis of Proverbs

These two selections illustrate the paternal relationship God has to humankind and focuses on the role discipline plays in affirming that relationship. The excerpt from Proverbs is direct in its message to the children of God. We are supposed to receive discipline with a sense of gratitude because it gives meaning to the act through its divine motive. Though the initial response to discipline may be to resent or even rebel from it, this passage tells us that the act of discipline should not be perceived as an oppressive force. Instead, His love is proven by His willingness to exact punishment for our deviance. The Hebrews passage delivers a more subtle message through its significantly more complex approach to the…

Expansion of Ideas

Honesty is The Best Policy Honesty is a policy that prays in the long run. There is the story of Lord Alfred Dreyfuss of France who was convicted for being a spy. He spent years in a jail far away from his native land and his countrymen hated him. Then one day the real spy got his story published and the truth came out. Lord Alfred was restored to his original status with all honours and the nation was ashamed of the way it treated him. All through the trial Lord Dreyfuss kept on saying that he was innocent. Every religion tells us that we must be honest. No one likes dishonest people because they cannot be trusted. The truth…

What Is Meant by a Whats More B

When the phrase “A, What’s More B, comes to mind one may quickly think of the word parallelism.” Parallelism is the joining together of related ideas to form a complete thought” (Fields, 2008). Additionally, parallelism relates to the written communication between the phrases of poetic lines which are found in certain books of the Bible. Many examples of parallelism are found in the books of Proverbs and Psalms. When one completes a parallelism it is then referred to as a line. Each of these lines must include at least two or more poetic phrases and or colons. “Lines in this case are referred to as bi-colon and tri-colon, the first colon is referred to as “A” and the next line…