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Pros & Cons of Maternity Leave Essay

In many countries women are allowed to pay maternity leave during the first month after the birth of baby. Do you think that advantages of maternity leave outweight the disadvantages ? To begin with, in current era, women are confronting evry feild along with men. They used to lead in many fields as tremendous pioneer. They are like spinal cord to the growth of human generation. I am pretty much acquise with the statement. It may lure some unfavorable aspect as well. As i discuss both ahead.

The first and farmost reason , they shuld allow them pay maternity leave as it could be turned out a great help. For instance, during those days they need spend plethora of money on medical checkups or medicines. That aid make them not to badger about the expenses. On the other hand that leave give them bountiful chance to attain their strenght mentally or physically. Another worth mentioning point is, during this time of period leave provide them enough time to heed on baby’s initial time. They can care adequately such as, in that particular time baby need food after every two hours, no doubt that leave make them able to present there for the baby. As mother’s milk is mandatory for baby rather than factory made.

I would like to establish as some disadvantages that, The authority and firm could face some kind of disturbance or loses due to this long period leave. Secondly, sometimes they too feel anxity regarding their job responsibility. It may put them in aberrant situtaion elude them to be careless, that will be hazardous for baby.

As conclusion, it is necessary for them to have leave as their baby require perpetual care. Pay maternity leave could be very helpfull for them. By that they can revitalize them as well.

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