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Promotion of Colgate-Palmolive Essay

Promotion is a communication means the merits of the product and persuade customers to buy it . Promotion has following four distinct elements. Personal selling , Advertising , Sales Promotion,and Public relations which can be used as such or can be used in combination to promote the product .


Colgate primarily used advertisements as its main promotion strategies. Its different products which are designed for different segments are targeted to the audience by highlighting its features. Its common tagline for all products is -³No1 brand recommended by dentist.´


As such no promotion is done at retail level except the recommendation by the shopkeeper. But for rural market COLGATE uses VAN (van is a mobile promotion station having facilities for screen show, slide show and mike publicity.


PR campaigns were undertaken extensively during the launch of the brand in leading newspapers and magazines, though they were focused more directly on enhancing the image of the parent company in the eyes of stakeholders like shareholders potential investors, etc.that in consumers.

Oral Care Special Offers
Strong teeth and secure future, with Colgate

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Price of Colgate-Palmolive
price is consists of tactical marketing tolls,blemded into an integrated marketing programme that actually delivers the intended value proposition to taeget customer such as : List price , Discount , Allowance , Paymeny period , Credit terms .

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