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Promote children wellbeing and safety Essay

The safety and welfare of the children is very important in every se? ng as indicated in sec? on 3 of the statutory framework for the early year’s founda? on stage 2014. All providers must meet the necessary requirements to make sure the children are kept safe and well. In my se? ng we have three rooms which are the baby room, toddler room and pre-school. As I work in the toddler room I care for children age ranging between 16 months to 27months old.

The children to sta) ra? o is very important as this ensures that the children’s needs and safety is met. If the children are under two years old then we have a sta) ra? o of 1 adult to 3 children and if the children are over 2 years old then we have a sta) ra? o of 1 adult to 4 children. The toddler room can hold up to 27 children with 9 members of sta) ranging from a room leader, senior nursery nurse, level 2 and 3 quali+ed and some sta) who are unquali+ed but working towards their quali+ca? on. All sta) members are CRB checked to make sure that the children are safe hands.

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