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Progress Essay Topics & Paper Examples

From Half to Full: An Assessment of My Linguistic Progress

Linguistic progress can be measured by one’s reading and writing skills. In assessing one’s skills, it is important to gauge the ability to comprehend, analyze situations, think critically, and write plausibly. In my present situation, I could say that my linguistic skills have improved a lot, from half to full. That is, taking the course English Composition II has elevated my level from being half-knowledgeable to being fully knowledgeable. The literacy that reading can bring is far more important than what other media can provide. As a young student before, I got hooked up with watching TV and reading teen magazines that informed me of the latest trends in fashion, electronic gadgets, computers, and internet lingo. My magazine collection boasted…

Final Reflection on Professional Development Progress

Special education over decades poses daunting challenge to practitioners because of the nature of the special need children involved. As a consequence, there has been a need for special education specialists to develop professionally to tackle the challenge of special needs children in order to produce a desired outcome. In this regard, this paper follows on my reflection on the professional development progress in terms of my benefits of the course and impact on my values, knowledge, skills and beliefs. To start with, it is important for me to acknowledge and appreciate that learner with special needs exhibits physical, sensory, learning, emotional, and cognitive inadequacies that hampered them from normal learning (Norlander, 2005). These inadequacies give the field of special…