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Profile of John Kirby Essay

John Kirby, an executive director for the company, was hired because of his expertise in the industry. Kirby owns a company of his own that works with nuclear medicine and he has been positioned as a chief executive officer in the company. Since the company evolves around a similar business model as compared to Gene One, John is considered to be competent and to bring his unique skills to the table. Since he has a thirty year experience in the science and technology industry, there is a massive age difference between him and all the other team members.

This could cause several understanding and communication problems for the team. However, John Kirby has an attitude of facing all difficulties at face value rather than looking for escapes from the same. He has the personality of facing up to people and asking them to solve issues that he has with them. He is the one individual in Gene One who is concerned at every level of the organization from the strategy making to the cohesiveness between team members.

Profile of Greg Thoman Greg Thoman, a thirty year old man, was hired for his “can do” attitude and it is this positive attitude that emits energy and revolves around the remaining team members. He was hired for his human management skills and he is known to hire and manage several innovation driven candidates. Greg Thoman works with the essence of team management where he likes to keep everyone involved with the work that is to be completed.

This allows him to gain input from all perspectives as well as motivate the employees in brining about the change that is necessary. Since a new and higher position was given to a relative of Don, conflicts were arising between employees and this is where Greg would have to do his job. References Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (2009) About the PMPRB. Board Profile. Retrieved on May 14, 2009 from: http://www. pmprb-cepmb. gc. ca/english/View. asp? x=330&mp=87

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