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Professional sports Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Professional Athletes Being Paid Too Much

Walking through the halls of Sally High one day, my ear caught the words of two young individuals debating over an interesting topic. It was a discussion on the large pay difference between what they thought were hard working Americans and jobs of the entertainment market. As I continued to think more in depth about this current discussion that had just been overheard, I decided to come up with my own opinion. The same question continued to run thru my mind: why should hard working teachers that are educating the future of America be paid so little in comparison to those who are getting paid solely for America’s entertainment? To many sports fans complain and grumble about how they should…

Should Athletes Be Allowed to Leave College Early for Sports

From past to present, sports have played a widely significant role in our history. Sports bring our communities together and offer fame to the athletes. Professional sports have been looked upon as a place of glory. From prestigious awards to high salaries, being a professional athlete is something most athletes dream of, but only a handful achieve. Growing up, many young children aspire to be professional athletes and strive to play even college sports someday. In recent years, athletics have been looked upon as equally, if not more, important than school itself. Many athletes sacrifice school in order to be successful because the draw, competition, and demand for athletes has dramatically grown. This has lead to a smaller margin of…

College Athletes

Athletes, under the age of 21 years, should be eligible to be drafted into a professional sports team. Playing in a professional sport is a career and setting a limit based on age to when someone can start his or her career is absurd. “Currently, to be eligible for the NBA Draft, a player has to be at least 19-years-old or one year removed from high school. ” (Jessop. 2014) In the one year removed from high school, the athlete can choose to attend college and declare if he or she would be eligible to be drafted after that year. There are many benefits for athletes to graduate from college before starting his or her career in a professional sport, but…