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Professional market research plan for Bounce Fitness Essay

Research on competition
•Comparing consumer attitudes to an organisation
•Services and those of competitors
•Identifying frequency of use of competitors products and services
•Identifying key competitors and their strengths
•Measuring awareness

Research on consumers
•Developing detailed consumer profiles
•Identifying changes in attitudes and behaviour patterns
•Identifying existing , potential or lapsed consumers
Research on place
•Identifying attitudes towards location
•Identifying cooperative opportunities for distribution of information or services
•Identifying demand for products or services at other locations Research on pricing
•Identifying attitude towards pricing
•Identifying cost
•Testing alternative pricing strategies
•Research on products and services
•Evaluating competitors products
•Evaluating consumer attitudes towards presentation and packaging
•Identifying potential new products or services or ones which may be at the end of their life cycle
•Measuring attitudes towards existing products or services Research on promotion

•Measuring advertising and promotion effectiveness
•Testing alternative massages
•Testing and comparing different media options

Project 2

Implement, monitor and evaluate the market research plan for Bounce Fitness.

A.Develop a detailed ,realistic implementation program

•Includes an implementation strategy for the identification , selection , contracting and monitoring of all external consultants
•Defines and communicates clearly all priorities, responsibilities, timelines and budgets, along with all personnel involved
•Outlines all resources required, where and how they would be obtained, along with associated costs and conditions. •Incorporate contingencies for at risk areas

•Includes a monitoring process to ensure the project sticks to budget and stays on course
•Determines how you will measure your stakeholder satisfaction at the end of the project
•Includes an evaluation process for final review of your project.

Part B
Conduct an information session for contractors
•Instruction to your researchers in regards to their role and your expectations
•Documentation and submission procedures
•Communication strategies
Part C
Evaluate the research process and findings
•Evaluate the usefulness of the findings in terms of relevance to initial objectives
•Evaluate the marketing research methods used
•Suggest any adjustment required as a result of the evaluations
•Provide a modified research and implementation plan that reflects the adjustments you would make

1.Statement of market research needs
2.Include research objectives
3.Include project scope
4.Identify the specific data required, including how it will be gathered , quantified and processed
5.Include estimates of time lines and castings
6.Include all required forms and recording instruments for each research method chosen

Essay Topics:

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