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Professional Development Opportunities Essay

NAYCE (National Association for the Education of Young Children) – NAYCE is a vast among the Early Childhood Education. The programs feed knowledgeable information to Early Childhood teachers. Teachers can become a member and go to many Expos and Conference to meet other teachers and program directors. NAYCE also have educational books online for teachers to develop more learning into their classroom and curriculum.

CAT (Creative Art Team)- The CAT website provides an Early Childhood Professional Development Initiative workshop for mentoring teachers. The schools who wish to participate for the workshop will have five days of in-services for students, in class mentoring and coaching with four teachers, on site staff development and second-five hour’s professional development with CAT. The workshop is free for all teachers who are interested to join.

Collaborative for Children- The Collaborative for Children is a learning development for teachers in the surrounding Houston area and online for all Early Childhood teachers. The professional development programs offer Early Childhood Training Courses with the cost of $12.00. The Collaborative is part of Texas Agrilife Extension Service, an educational agency of the Texas A&M System. New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute- New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute offers many programs to benefit new awareness in New York City. The Institute offers on site coaching, professional development, and technical assistance also CDA programs for aspiring childcare workers. These programs are working with parents and teachers to develop healthy and learning children.

Early Learning Leaders- The website contains Early Care Professional Training and Education for child care administrators. The program enriches childcare directors into learning and developing new programs into their childcare program home base. There are weekly webinars and sessions for each learning development.

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