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Production line Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Case Problem 1 Chapter 3

Digital Imaging: Balancing Photo Printer Production Digital Imaging, a company that produces photo printers, recently introduced two models of printers into the average consumer market: the DI-910, and the more sophisticated and faster DI-950. Analysis shows that management can expect profit contributions of $42 for each DI-910 and $87 for each DI-950 produced. Both models are assembled in an automated plant using two production lines. Production line 1 allocates 3-minutes per model DI-910 and 6-minutes per model DI-950 produced for assembly. Line 2 allocates 4-minutes to each DI-910 and 2-minutes to each DI-950 produced for packaging and testing. Lines 1 and 2 are only in operation for one 8-hour shift per day. Task 1 – Maximizing Total Profit Contribution with…