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Production and the Workforce Essay

Corporate culture and the potential of ethical and legal issues should be of concern to a job candidate because, after all, the applicant is striving to be a part of that organization; therefore those matters of importance which might affect how the applicant is treated once he is hired should be of foremost importance for the candidate to know. It can help the applicant to avoid making unwise employment decisions (Gibson, 2002), as well as aid in the actual interview process, by having the knowledge of the right things to say and when to say it.

These issues should also concern current employees, as being already inside the confines of the organization, they will be the persons most affected by the culture and the ethical and legal issues which may arise while they are employed by the company. For instance, a potential legal issue about compensation should already be known by employees so that they may do something about the matter, otherwise, they will be the ones to suffer about unresolved concerns, particularly the subject about remuneration.

Managers, above all, should be highly familiar with the corporate culture and the potential of ethical and legal issues within his/her authority, as they will be looked up to by subordinates to facilitate the inculcation of the culture to all members of the organization as well as deal with ethical and legal issues which may arise concerning employees under his/her control.

The community where the business operates should also somehow be concerned with the culture and the potential issues of the organization, as they are stakeholders, as well, in where such an issue as corporate social responsibility falling under ethical and legal matters would directly affect the community because how the business carries on with its activity is sure to reverberate effects to the community, whether this particular group likes it or not.

Different aspects of the corporate culture and potential ethical and legal issues are typically of more importance to the various stakeholders, depending on what they are concerned of. Where internal stakeholders are found to be more concerned about culture, external stakeholders are likely to focus on ethical and legal issues concerning them.

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