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Product: Dove chocolate Essay

I think this ad for Dove chocolate is a pretty persuasive ad. By using images and colors to appeal to your scenes, a large, attention-grabbing headline, and sneaking in weasel words, this ad is definitely a persuasive one.

The first thing that catches my eye when I see the ad is the headline, “WIN A TRIP TO HAWAII!” Hawaii would be really fun to go to visit, so naturally a person looks down to see what they have to do to get win a trip, the next largest thing is the image of Dove chocolates. I know that I just skim articles, so I wouldn’t bother to read anymore, just put it together that to win I should buy Dove.

Like I said before, the next largest thing on the page is the image of Dove chocolates. They are silky and smooth, shaped in perfect squares; you can tell it is pure milk chocolate by the light brown color. Your mouth starts to water, and you crave the chocolates. I know I want some right now! The image that makes you crave the chocolates gives you even more reasons to buy them. Another thing is the light blue background. You think of peace, tranquility, and (after noticing the Hawaii headline) a beach with calm waters. These are very persuasive techniques, they make your really crave the chocolate by using images and somewhat transfer.

If you are to look at the ad closely you notice it says, “You could WIN A TRIP TO HAWAII!” By using weasel words, it makes it seem like you just automatically win a trip to Hawaii by purchasing Dove. Someone who was skimming would also pass up the small print that states, “Purchase won’t increase your chances of winning” But by making “could” in lowercase and “WIN A TRIP TO HAWAII!” in all caps, the attention is quickly set to “WIN A TRIP TO HAWAII!” In conclusion, the ad was quite persuasive, and even if someone did notice the weasel words, and other small print, they would still want the chocolate, such as me, which tells me that the images were definitely the most persuasive aspect of the ad.

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