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Process Design Matrix and Summary Essay

Mattress Express is in the service of delivering mattresses is available to the customers. The company strategy for deliveries is to be able to deliver mattresses in both a reasonable on timely manner and to the consumer’s home. The delivery cost is $49.99 and includes delivery, set up, and removal of the customer’s old mattress set. Mattress Express has a centralized warehouse that is strategically located in order to best service the surrounding community. The warehouse feeds five stores and houses the inventory for each of the locations. The warehouse also has a showroom attached which makes it easily one of the largest Mattress Express locations Mattress express offers a five day delivery schedule.

The deliveries are handled by the warehouse manager. All deliveries are separated into time frames which are then designated into particular areas and group to gather for the most efficient routing. Mattress Express inventory levels are kept to a minimum as the company operates on cash only. Inventory levels fluctuate up and down as cash flow increases via the trends in business. All inventory is stored at the centralized warehouse and deliveries are operated from this location as well.


Tempur-pedic is a product that is a standalone within the mattress industry. The company strategy is to build the most highly recommended bed in America. They also wish to sell direct to the consumer as well as through a series of retail partners. Another important aspect of their strategy is to excel as a marketing firm. Tempur-pedic has a total of three factories. The factories are located in Lexington Kentucky, Duffield Virginia, and a European facility in Denmark. Each factory produces Tempur-pedic products and distributes to regional distribution centers. Tempur-pedic is of the utmost superior quality and craftsmanship. To ensure the quality level of the products one out of every four mattresses is tested. In addition to testing mattresses frequently the product integrity margins are also how to extremely precise standards. This ensures that all to review the customers are experiencing the highest level of quality possible.

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