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Process and Outcome Evaluations Essay

Process Evaluation delves into the growth and execution of each specific program. This demonstrates whether or not the outcomes of calculated targets and executed strategies have been completed and are successful. This type of evaluations is usually implemented towards the end of a task, while assessing the program from beginning to end, as well as determining the association of cause-and-effects between the building blocks of the program, along with the outcomes. By using this form of evaluation, the organization will be able to determine the outcome of a program, such as if it needs to be refined, continued, made larger, or last case scenario, be eliminated altogether. Outcome Evaluation will give an estimation of changes that have occurred, as well as what type of changes they were, due to the results of a certain service or program.

Examples of a process evaluation; 1) May verify that 30 staff members had successfully completed a CPR/First Aide training program; 2) Partaking in interviews with participants, or groups of informants so as to get a grasp at their opinions, or views about the services and/or program. Examples of an outcome evaluation; 1) This will provide the information needed in calculating the number of staff who showed an increase in self-confidence, new job opportunities due to the new tools and skills learned, changed attitudes and behaviors, as well as new job opportunities that have opened up due to the new overall changes; 2) As well as providing the data and information so as to show how successful the services or program was in reaching its goals.

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