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Priority Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Safety as Priority

From the dawn of the 20th century, since mass production of automobiles had taken place, society as a whole had been gifted with perhaps the most widely-used invention in human history. What used to be pathways for horse-drawn carriages were quickly replaced by cemented roads. Towns and cities that were once days or even weeks away were suddenly reachable in a matter of hours. Such has been the impact of the invention of cars that it has dramatically altered our very existence. However, with the advent of this new-found lifestyle, accidents, some life-threatening, others even fatal, have been a steady occurrence, that measures had to be taken to ensure driver’s as well as the passenger’s safety. Studies have shown that…

Etiquette and Courtesy

?’English dictionary online’ gives the synonyms and more words related to courtesy, however I find it in an unique way- Courtesy means gentle and polite behavior in dealing with people in our day to day life. It is an act of civility and good manners. Courtesy is a great virtue in a man’s life. Courtesy demands one to be modest, tasteful and decent in his talking to and behaving with others. Courtesy is the gift of treating others with warmth and respect. It means according dignity to people by being considerate, responsive, and kind in our dealings with them. Courtesy costs nothing but pays a lot in return. A Courteous person is liked and loved by all. This type of…