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Principles for implementing duty of care Essay

Outcome 1
Understand how duty of care contributes to safe practice.

1.1 Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work role. Duty of care is to keep the service users safe from harm, to put the services user’s interests / beliefs first treating them with dignity and respect. 1.2 Explain how duty of care contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuals. Duty of care contributes to safe guarding or protection of individuals as you will stop and think before doing a task by asking yourself is this right for the service user are they at risk are they safe from harm. Meaning by following agreed standards and policies that the service user will be less likely to suffer abuse or harm, and if they do happen clear reporting systems are in place to deal with issues raised.

Outcome 2

Know how to address conflicts or dilemmas that may arise between individual’s rights and duty of care. 1.1 Describe potential conflicts or dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care and an individual’s rights. Potential conflicts are taking peoples choices away like not letting services users choose when to go to bed or whether they would like to have a lie in on a morning. This over a long period would build resentment and cause potential conflicts to arise. Dilemmas are caused by all parties not being satisfied with the result for example a person on medication demanding an alcoholic drink or someone who’s mobility is poor trying to walk upstairs unaided.

1.2 Describe how to manage risks associated with conflicts or dilemmas between individual’s rights and duty of care. To manage the risks include accurate recording of conflicts or dilemmas, reporting to a senior member of the team Risk Assessments and discussions with the resident and the families. 1.3 Explain where to get additional support and advice about conflicts and dilemmas. You can gain more information from colleagues, family, social workers and other professionals, policies and procedures and the internet.

Outcome 3

Know how to respond to complaints.
1.1 Describe how to respond to complaints.

You would deal with a complaint by listening whilst giving the person time and respect and having a regard for confidentiality. Recording factual information and then reporting it to a senior member of staff whilst following the complaints policy. Then telling the complainant how they can access the complaints policy and what will happen next and that they fully understand. 1.2 Explain the main points of agreed procedures for handling complaints. The main points agreed for handling a complaint are that complaints are listened to and respected and are time based so it will be dealt with in a documented time frame which can be found in the Complaints Policy in the office. The complaint would be dealt with by a senior member of staff and can be done either formally or informally, but the procedure is a clear recorded document.

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