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Prime Minister Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Prime Minister or President: A Comparison

Comparing the two modes of executive leadership in the form of the Prime Minister and the President is quite a daunting task. It might take countless numbers of pages to be able to catch the true essence of the two modes of leadership in its various forms throughout the world. In the article The Grass is Always Greener: Prime Ministerial vs. Presidential Government, written by Jennifer Smith as published in [name of book or journal where article was taken] on [year of publication], the offices of the chief executives of the United States and Canada are compared side by side. Although the United States and Canada share some fundamental historical and geographic similarities, they have developed their own unique forms…

Gordon Brown Is Not An Able British Prime Minister

The British history has been famous for its efficient governance, and developmental policies of the government. Both the Conservative and the Labour Parties have contributed to the economic prosperity of the country through enlightening vision, strategic planning, and effective implementation of its policies. During the past centuries, Great Britain has provided one of the best healthcare systems of the world to its citizens. Perhaps, that is why the Britishers have high life expectancies, with men living up to 77 years, and women living up to 82 years, due to the existence of good infrastructure in hospitals, expert physicians and dedicated nurses, who provide timely and best healthcare services to the patients (“Facts”). The dynamic leadership of the political leaders had…