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Primary source Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Primary Sources

Primary sources are the original documents that serve as a springboard for other theorists, scientists, authors, and scholars to write additional works that are added to the subject’s base of literature. Primary sources are the first indications of a particular idea or a landmark study. They serve as a scientific starting point. Secondary sources are based on extrapolations of the original version with new additions and the interpretation of the past. For the most comprehensive literature review, both types of sources should be included in the research for a particular topic. The most powerful advantage to the use of primary sources is the assurance that these documents have not been marred or misrepresented through inaccurate interpretations or external motivations. The…

Primary source analysis

Lygdamis ruled Halicarnassus, an ethnically Greek city-state governed by the Persians. Artemisia was Lygdamis’ daughter. Artemisia became queen after her husband’s death. The year 499 saw a number of Greek mainland city-states support the Ionian Greek city-states in revolting against the then ruler, Darius. Following suppression of such rebellion, Darius in 490 attacked mainland Greece so as to hit back. A Greek city-state Coalition totally defeated Darius. Xerxes I, Darius’ child, the fresh king again attacked Greece in 480. Artemisia, Halicarnassus queen, led a five0-ship fleet within Xerxes’ forces. Prior to attacking, Xerxes consulted each of his major admirals regarding whether to invade salamis. Each of the admirals, with the exception of Artemisia, urged Xerxes to invade. Following Artemisia’s reminder…

Research Sources

In reference to our text book, primary sources of secondary research include audio, video, or written transcripts of original research speeches in entirety, and raw data that has not been interpreted. Primary sources serve as the best sources as they have not been diluted with thoughts or interpretations of another source. Laws, court documents, census, human resource records, are primary sources. Primary sources are most trustworthy and valuable sources of data. Secondary sources are the interpretation of the primary sources listed above. Secondary sources come in the form of newspaper articles, textbooks, and the news reports that we are able to watch daily. Secondary sources are filtered primary sources and the second most valuable source of information. Examples of tertiary…