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Pride and Prejudice Movie Review Essay

1) In 1859, Charles Darwin described a model of how living things change over time. He described this model and the evidence that supported it in a book called On The Origin of Species. Which scientific term is used to describe a testable model that seeks to explain natural phenomena? A) data B) hypothesis C) observation D) theory 2) When an experiment is repeated and the new results are different from the original results, what could you assume to be true? A) The results from both experiments are worthless. B) The first experiment’s results are worthless and should be discarded. C) The experimental design is flawed and the experiment should be discarded. D) Neither test results are 100% reliable and additional experimentation is needed. 3) All of the following EXCEPT the resistance of _________ demonstrate artificially selected resistance. A) beef cattle, to “shipping fever”, B) many agricultural wheat varieties, to drought and fungus, C) Anatarctic fish to freezing, due to antifreeze proteins in their blood,

D) many common grasshopper species to pesticides, such as diazinon, sevin, and others, 4) Which fact about fossils is MOST important to scientists who study evolution? A) Fossils are often found in sedimentary rock. B) Footprints, body structures, and even animal droppings can become fossilized. C) The age of a fossil can be determined by examining the rock strata in which the fossil is found. D) The formation of a fossil depends on the geologic and chemical conditions present when an organism dies. 5) According to the fossil record, five ________________took place, which lowered the variety of species found on Earth today. A) mass clonings B) microevolutions C) mass extinctions D) mass revolutions 6) When an experiment is repeated and the new results are different from the original results, what could you assume to be true?

A) The first set of results MUST be incorrect and thrown out. B) The second set of results MUST be inaccurate and thrown out. C) The experimental design must be flawed and should be scrapped. D) The original experiment MAY be inaccurate and further experimentation is needed. 7) If an experiment’s results are accurate, when the experiment is repeated by another scientist, the results A) should be similar to those obtained originally. B) will be identical every time the experiment is repeated. C) should be completely different for a different scientist.

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