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Pressure ulcers Essay

The occurrence of pressure ulcers as a complication for majority of the immobile patients have been a nursing care concern for years now. The care outcome of these patients should include lowering the incidence of pressure ulcers because of the increased risk for altered skin integrity. Albeit impossible to be eliminated, most especially the site of these pressure ulcers, which are commonly found in the bony prominences of the body, there is still a bigger chance of minimizing the amount of skin damage.

A study was conducted on how the heath care team, with focus on the physicians and the nurses, can lower the occurrence of pressure ulcers by simply implementing academic detailing (Kleinpell, 2008). Academic detailing made use of an individualized method of informing and facilitating learning about a particular topic (Kleinpell, 2008).

The interventions included to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers were reminders on how to obtain devices to reduce pressure ulcers, feedbacks on rates of occurrence, one-on-one clinical instructions on methods to reduce development of pressure ulcers, and focused preventive interventions like that of the pillow campaign (Kleinpell, 2008).

The study was a success because the rate of occurrence lowered from 50% to 8% (Kleinpell, 2008). The impact of this study to the nursing practice is of utmost importance because it asserts that complications such as pressure ulcers can be avoided, as long as the health care team is dedicated in implementing care the proper way to the patients who are at risk for such complications.

If these complications can be avoided, the patient will be able to enjoy an easeful rehabilitation, lowered health care cost, and reduced length of stay at the hospital. This will also give more time to the health care team do other essential nursing care. The study proves that there are ways to make the hospital stay of patients worry-free and complication-free if only the health care team will make sure of doing whatever they can to achieve it.

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