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Presidential Campaign Ads Essay

Presidential campaign commercials are truly an efficient means to persuade voters to give their full support of the candidates. Aside from posters and town-to-town campaigns, these political commercials give additional projection to the candidates and also influence the people’s mind to win their ballots. On the site’s examples, the presidential candidates’ ads were somewhat similar to each other. They exhibit the candidates’ short biography, their visions and missions.

Despite the soaring price needed to produce these ads, politicians still prefer these kinds of campaign paraphernalia because almost all households have televisions. These commercials are successful, given that the candidate with the more accurate and understandable ad would most likely make it to the presidential throne. The 1984 Presidential Commercial The 1984 ads were effective on Reagan’s campaign for presidency. Along with his undisputed public appeal, he was able to win the votes of his countrymen.

The ad’s themes, “Prouder, Stronger and Better,”, for example, signified Reagan’s commitment to develop the country more, fulfill his citizens’ pleas and to continue his unfinished tasks since it was his second term. With these ads, people would surely be convinced of Reagan’s instincts on political ethics. Reagan, who was also referred as the “Teflon President” because of his viable abilities in resolving national problems, made a record for having one of the landslide wins in the election since 1936.

On the other hand, the opposition, which was led by Vice President Mondale, experienced turmoil during his campaign for presidency. Aside for his unproven charisma, his campaign tactics were also unenviable which caused him his downfall and his chance to sit on the presidential throne. His ads were nothing compared to Reagan’s. They were not that understandable and accurate.

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