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President Obama Essay

Obamanomics is basically a system where the government works from the Bottom up for more equality for all people. This system will benefit the working and middle class, and higher taxes for the wealthy 1% of our population. This means better living wages, better schools, universal Healthcare, less taxes for small businesses and a regulated system on wall street. Obamanomics will give the american people employment with Jobs in both the public and private sector; And make education more Affordable for every child with better paying teachers.

President Obama is also dealing with the environment and the quality of food the American people place on their tables. His ultimate plan is for a world where less warfare will be produced by every country for a safer And freer world for all Americans and abroad. The american people think obamanomics will break the economy and leave the country bankrupt. However, it will work in the years to come with adjustments taken place until obamanomics is perfected and every american has benefited from it greatly.

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