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President Kennedy Essay Topics & Paper Examples

JFK Inaugural Rhetorical Analysis

With a powerful and convincing tone, the charismatic world leader, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, confidently proposes to a global audience the agenda of his administration. Kennedy emphasizes that he will promote unity in the United States and around the world; However, Kennedy also affirms that he will not tolerate any adversaries that threaten the U.S. or its allies. Through the use of antithesis and anaphora, President Kennedy effectively conveys this message to the American people and to all the influential leaders of world. Because of its ability to juxtapose two contrasting ideas and underline their complexities for the audience, a majority of Kennedy’s important, consequential points are made through the use of antithesis. Accoringly, he opens the speech with the line,…

Time Capsule 2325: The Era of the 1960’s

It is the year 2325 and hundreds of years beyond the time of dominance the United States of America. This once super power is now just part of the North American Empire. While doing and archeological dig in the mid eastern area of the empire we discovered a time capsule from the 1960s. This time capsule had five things that were enclosed represented very important parts of that decade to the American people. Those five things were a Moon rock, an audio recording of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech”, a banner that read “Women’s Liberation”, an LSD Drop, and the dress of Jackie Kennedy Onassis. These items may seem small and unrelated but they tell a…