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Presidency Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Nixon’s presidency

There are three major issues emphasized during the 1969-1974 term of President Richard Nixon: Vietnam, domestic policies, and the infamous Watergate affair. Nixon inherited the Vietnam War from Lyndon Johnson. The war had caused years of turmoil among Americans who believed that America should not even participate in the war in the first place. In an aim to bring peace, he initiated the Vietnamization of the war, centering of the withdrawal of the US troops. For a while, the plan seemed to be working, but the damage had already been done. Back home, America found herself with a dissenting generation. The war had already drained the country’s economy, inflation was high, crimes and civil rights movement were rapidly swelling. Nixon…

Obama and the Presidency

It has been said that every presidential election is historical, and for all intents and purposes that is correct. But that particular statement could not have been more apt than now, with the election of Barack Obama to the presidency. The past presidential election is crucial to our country, primarily because these are extraordinary times. Along with economic recession –which has seen more and more loss of homes and jobs – there are likewise problems left by the preceding government that cannot be ignored. These factors are the root of Barack Obama’s win, and have made him the best candidate for the post. Polls conducted prior to the November 4 elections have seen Americans in the working class leaning towards…

Creating The Presidency

Milkis and Nelson state that The American Presidency was the first comprehensive one volume history of the presidency. They focus primarily upon the institution of the presidency itself. Meanwhile, the executive power issue in chapter two “creating the presidency,” Milkis and Nelson quote Charles Thatch as having written in 1922 that “the executive article fairly bristles with contentious matter. ” Not until it was seen what decision was given to these contentions, would it be possible to say “just what the national executive meant,” wrote Thatch. Milkis and Nelson proceeded to say that it is not possible to determine from the words of the Constitution alone what were to be appropriate relations of the chief executive to the chief officers…