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Preservation Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Medicaid Preservation Act

A legislative proposal that if passed by both the House and the Senate and approved by the President becomes law. There are several steps involved for a bill to become act. First the legislation is introduced in house then referred to committee and members from a conference will sort out and will be sent to president. On signing of the bill by president it becomes law (Government, 2008). This is the process of enactment of an act. The present paper is discussing about the Medicaid Preservation Act of 2005 bill. The purpose of the Medicaid Preservation Act of 2005 bill is to restrain Federal funding under the Mediciaid program until the recommendations of a bipartisan commission on Mediciaid is implemented….

Importance of historical places

We live in an age of progress and one result of that is that the urban landscape of many cities is changing. An unfortunate consequence of this is that some historic places are being lost for future generations. Something needs to be done to preserve these places and, to ensure that, we first need to understand why they are being destroyed. There are a variety of reasons why these places are being replaced and this mainly depends on their original purpose. Many of these historic places were residential and typically the problem is that they no longer have the appropriate facilities for modern-day living. For example, they might have been built in an era when central heating was not a…