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Presenting information Essay

Present complex internal business information using 3 different methods appropriate to the users need. Easy Jets aims and objectives are to be Europe’s preferred short-haul airline, delivering market leading returns.

Subject: Interim report

From: Marketing manager

The introduction of the Easy Jet app has boosted many aspects of the organisation as a whole. Overall, EasyJet have provided their customers with a very effective mobile app. Making a booking, checking on the flight status and reviewing existing bookings are very easy to do. Though checking in online and downloading a mobile boarding pass is not supported. These are things that a passenger on the move might well want to do.+ Last year, we made 17.4% profit before capital and corporate tax, the app being released early January. Meaning that in 2013, since the app launch, we’ve made a profit off £647.4 million. Before the launch, last year, the changes in net profits was 6.1%, compared to this year’s profit. 6.1% is an explosive profit margin for an organisation with our scale, size and calibre & over such a short period of time.

Analysts point that our profit margins have been rapidly expanding at such an explosive rate because of our application. Before the app, in 2010, our profit was only 121 million, which is not even half of what we’ve made in 2013. This is of course, not only enhancing our disposable income capacity but also reaching our annual financial aims and meeting our objectives. I and the department strongly recommend expanding our influence over the interweb to reach our customers through virtual means and mobiles.

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