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Presentation Analysis Worksheet Essay

Who is the audience for this presentation?
General public and computer programmers.

What is the purpose of this presentation?
Inform people of the new windows operating system by Microsoft, how it is improved over the last system, and the advantages it will bring.

Explain how the topic is specific and relates to the audience. The topic relates to everyone because a majority of the general public own operate a computer system that is ran by Microsoft will most likely be interested in upgrading their current system to the newest edition. It is also relevant to the computer programmers because they will be dealing largely with this system when it is released and will need to have a knowhow of how it work and a knowledge of how to troubleshoot it if need be.

Target Audience Analysis: What special adaptations for these audience types might be necessary for this presentation to be effective?

Technical Personnel

Going more in depth over the technical side of the presentation will be key for these audience members because they will want to know how the system work more in depth then say the general public and want to know how it will benefit them to know this new operating system.


This would be important to target them in order to show them though they may not be non-technical they can still have an understanding of the system and be user friendly without a vast amount of knowledge.


Targeting the management level will be important because they will likely be the ones to push the product out to lower personal and will possibly be the ones to have to train them on it too.


You would want to target these people because they will be the ones with money and provide you with the funding needed to push your product.


Both age and experience will play a special role into this because the younger crowd will want to have the latest products released in order to be relevant in society. On the other hand experience will play a role because the more experience you have the more you are going to want to have the newest technology if it benefits you.

Other (specify)

Environment Analysis: What special adaptations may be necessary for the environment or situation of the presentation?


Size will be important in the matter of formatting and computer space, you do not want to offer up an operating system that will take up a vast majority of your computer memory system.

Physical setting

The physical system will not play too much of a role because it is something that the user will not see unless if you are presenting what the software will look like onto a computer.

Audience knowledge

Presenting to an audience that has a knowledge of understanding of what you are talking about or presenting forces you know what you are presenting to them and may allow you to go into more depth then what you may have presented to someone who may not know as much. Audience interest/focus

Keeping the audience focused and locked into what you are saying is important because they will simply lose interest into what you are saying and could potentially lose possible clientele.

Attitude toward topic

Having a positive attitude of what you are saying is going to keep the interest of the audience because they are going to see that you are actively
interested and feed off of your energy and want to learn more.

Speaker credibility

Being a credible speaker is going to bring more of an audience base because everyone will know that you are positive speaker, know what you are presenting and give out the best information to them.


This will be important because you do not want to give a presentation on Christmas when everyone minds are not focused on what you are saying or presenting and all they want to do is go home. So having the right occasion can be important when presenting.

Speaker ________________________________ Topic________________________________

What devices will you use in the introduction to gain audience attention?

What steps will you take to relate the topic to this audience?

What is the main idea you want to convey to the audience?

What are the presentation’s main points? Why did you develop these particular points?

What supporting materials will you use and why?

What steps will you take to make language clear and appropriate to this audience?

What adjustments will you make in delivery—rate of speech, volume, tone of voice, gestures, and the like—to communicate your ideas?

Essay Topics:

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