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Preschool Observation Essay

My observation was October 18, 2011. It was about 8:00 in the morning when I began my observation. I went to Baptist Health Preschool. The observation enjoyable than the last. Just to see how active the children are at this age. The children had great imaginations when they were playing. The preschooler that I observed was three years old, had blonde hair, blue eyes she had on a red shirt, black pants, pink shoes and was female. She had no limitations or physical and made her a ghost for Halloween in the art area. When the caregiver asked about the colors she knew all the colors that the caregiver asked her. The setting was a very warm and welcoming environment.

This classroom environment prepared the children for kindergarten with charts of numbers, days of the week, colors and shapes the children’s names were placed in an individual section of on the cubby shelf for their blankets. The room had a variety of bright colors which display a parent information board, daily schedule, labeled learning centers. They had the learning center in the right middle by the wall. The music area on the left on by the wall in the corner. The science area was in the middle of the room.

The art area was in the right corner by the wall and supplies and also the walls had many pictures of the children creative art work. The play area was in the other left corner by the wall this area includes a play stove and refrigerator with plastic food. On the wall were different pieces of clothing that represented various professions and cultures. The supplies and also the walls had many pictures of the children creative art work. The floor was half different color carpet and half wooden.

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