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Prediction of Malaysia in 2050 Essay

Malaysia has changed a lot in recent times and it will probably change a great deal in the next 50 years. I feel the healthcare, house, and power are likely to change the most and have the biggest impact on people’s lives.

The healthcare is an important topic for Malaysia because it must always changing for the better. I think that doctor will almost certainly detect disease at very early stages using innovative technology based on blood tests or imaging. I am sure the new medicine, advance of equipment and new knowledge of chronic disease will almost certainly increase. I really hope that there will be great advances in healthcare so that people will be more careful in the early stage of disease.

The build of eco-house will definitely increase in the next half century. A robot will probably use to assist in daily human routines such as to take out the garbage , prepare for food and etc. This might encourage more and more people become laziness. I believe that they will sit and relax in a house without worrying the high bills because the already invest into solar energy.

The power that drives vehicles in the 21st century will definitely move from oil to electrical power. Electric vehicles will start to make a major market inroads because of improved battery technologies. The oil and gas is likely to remain plentiful as demand increases quickly with the emergence of alternative source, but it will probably use in specific industries. The electric vehicle provide quiet, smooth operation, require less maintenance and stronger acceleration. This might have positive effect to avoid air pollutants.

The future of Malaysia is interesting and relevant to bring lots of positive changes. I really hope that my predictions come true.

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