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Pre-Sessional Academic English and Study Skills: Useful Links for Study Essay

Pre-sessional Academic English and Study Skills: Useful Links for Study Listening and Note-taking UEfAP listening Lots of tips on lecture listening and lots of practice http://uefap. com/listen/listfram. htm Unilearning note-taking – advice on how to take good notes, quote and paraphrase http://unilearning. uow. edu. au/notetake/ Academic Listening Practice – Lectures TED – ideas worth spreading (video) Watch examples of how to make a really good presentation on a range of interesting subjects http://www. ted. com/index. php RSA – similar to TED.

Videos (10-30mins) on economics, globalisation, technology, psychology etc http://www. thersa. org/events/video Academic Earth – Huge bank of lectures: many subjects http://academicearth. org/subjects/ British Academy – Social Sciences – sound only http://britac. studyserve. com/home/default. asp Free Science Online – Huge collection from many different universities http://freescienceonline. blogspot. com/ Imperial College London – Talks by specialists http://www3. imperial. ac. uk/media/onlinelectures Lecture Fox – Science Lectures http://lecturefox. com/

WGBH Forum Network – interesting videos about current events http://forum. wgbh. org/ BBC Reith Lectures – Old and New talks by famous experts (sound only) http://www. bbc. co. uk/programmes/b00729d9 General Listening Practice British Council – A huge range of audio recordings, frequently updated http://learnenglish. britishcouncil. org/en/listen-and-watch 6 Minute English (intermediate) – Short and simple news stories with text and vocabulary http://www. bbc. co. uk/worldservice/learningenglish/general/sixminute/

Words in the News (intermediate) – Listen to and read real news stories and get help with vocabulary http://www. bbc. co. uk/worldservice/learningenglish/language/wordsinthenews/ Randall’s Cyber Listening Lab – many exercises: go to bottom of page for academic listening http://www. esl-lab. com/ Academic Word List – revise the most useful words for university Academic Word List Homepage http://www. pbs. plymouth. ac. uk/academicwordlistatuop/index. htm IELTs Academic Vocabulary Tests http://www. examenglish. com/IELTS/IELTS_vocabulary.

htm Exercises for the Academic Word List http://www. academicvocabularyexercises. com/id17. htm Academic Vocabulary Exercises http://www.nottingham. ac. uk/~alzsh3/acvocab/exercises. htm The List (570 headwords) http://www. victoria. ac. nz/lals/staff/Averil-Coxhead/awl/headwords. html UEfAP vocabulary – List with tips and exercises http://uefap. com/vocab/vocfram. htm Referencing – advice and creation programmes APA Formatting and Style Guide http://owl. english.purdue. edu/owl/resource/560/01/ Automatic book referencing – this site will automatically generate a reference using just the book title or ISBN. However, not useful if you are using a chapter from a book with multiple authors.

http://www.deadlinedue. com Creating an automatic reference– This will automatically format your references – you have to do it one-by-one though, might be best used for checking your referencing is correct http://www. dairyscience. info/lit-cit/website/harvard. htm Harvard Referencing Guide – Check your referencing is correct using this site! http://libweb. anglia. ac. uk/referencing/harvard. htm Reference Generator: Harvard System http://www. aslaact. org. au/refgen. html Writing Academic writing lab – great site for improving academic writing! http://owl. english.

purdue. edu/ Academic Phrasebank – Brilliant bank of academic phrases you can use in your essays http://www. phrasebank. manchester. ac. uk/ Ian Sherman – Brilliant videos on Academic Writing. Especially watch Punctuation, Academic Style, How Do I Write this Thing (oldest version) and Argument Styles http://www. slideshare. net/iansage/presentations Pronunciation Accent school – really good site with a free lesson and pdf student book http://accentschool. com/run_software. html download pdf: http://accentschool. com/Lessons_Neutral/Notebook/notebook.

html Pronunciation Tips and Practice (BBC) http://www. bbc. co. uk/worldservice/learningenglish/grammar/pron/ Other Useful Sites Unilearning – academic skills – A great resource for improving academic skills, especially how to read a journal article http://unilearning. uow. edu. au/main. html BBC Learning English http://www. bbc. co. uk/worldservice/learningenglish/ English Grammar Online – excellent for grammar explanations and practice! http://www. englisch-hilfen. de/en/index. htm English File – exercises and downloads http://www. oup.

com/elt/global/products/englishfile/ Spelling Test – Fun way to practise spelling: the words are hard! http://www. timesspellingbee. co. uk/ UEfAP reading – How to read academic texts, plus exercises http://uefap. com/reading/readfram. htm Business Studies Online – Revise Business in English http://www. businessstudiesonline. co. uk/live/ BBC Bitesize – Revise business and science subjects in English and test yourself http://www. bbc. co. uk/scotland/learning/bitesize/higher/ Newspapers and Magazines The Independent http://www. independent. co. uk/

The Guardian http://www. guardian. co. uk/The Herald http://www. heraldscotland. com/ (Scottish) The Metro http://www. metro. co. uk/home/ The Times http://www. thetimes. co. uk/tto/news/ Science magazines: http://sciencefocus. com/ (UK) http://www. scientificamerican. com/ (USA) http://www. newscientist. com/ (UK) Economics and politics: http://www. ft. com/

http://www. economist. com/ http://www. prospectmagazine. co. uk/ Dictionaries Oxford Collocation Dictionary – http://www. lixiaolai. com/ocd/ very useful for learning how to use new words in sentences http://www. macmillandictionary. com/ http://dictionary. cambridge. org/

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