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Practical Life Essay

“Any child who is self-sufficient, who can tie his shoes, dress or undress himself, reflects in his joy and sense of achievement the image of human dignity, which is derived from a sense of independence.” Maria Montessori

Practical life activities give the child an understanding of his/her environment and how it works. The child enjoys all types of work. Child also enjoys keeping the environment beautiful for all to use. This work builds the child’s self-esteem, making him feel of value. It may seem like they are “playing” when they are table scrubbing or polishing silver, but through these types of activities they are becoming prepared to do the “real” learning. Practical Life activities also have a strong fine motor component and so are valuable in developing and extending children’s fine motor abilities as well as their cognitive development.

During the Mid Year Conference if parents want to know 3 activities and the importance from the practical life shelves, then what might be appropriate for 3 year old child? First, I’ll choose one to one wet pouring with handle or without the handle depend on the child’s abilities. This activity helps to develops small motor skills, order, concentration, coordination, independence. Child needs the either whole hand grasp or pincer grip depend on the handle of cup. If child master with this material without spill anything then child can pouring own milk or water at the house. Second, I’ll choose buttoning frame. The Dressing Frames are enable children to learn how to manage common fasteners, such as zippers, buttons, snaps, belt buckles and shoelaces. To help them learn how to unbutton and button themselves. This activity helps to develops small motor skills, order,

concentration, coordination, movement and independence. With these skills, your child will soon be ready to take care of much of his daily clothing needs. Three year old child to dress himself from head to toe—if he’s given enough time. Third, I’ll choose cutting and serving bananas. 3-year-old children love to do real work they see us do. At home, child can become a true helper in the kitchen and participate in real cooking activities. This activity helps to develop fine motor skills using a knife to cut banana, order, concentration, coordination, and independence. Using a tool to
produce more work for

the child. Also, develop of gross motor skills when child carrying the tray and serving the bananas to their peers. For extension, child cans preparing foods using knife or cutting other kinds of fruits or vegetables.

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