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“Poetry” by Marianne Moore

“Poetry” by Marianne Moore: the craft for the Sisyphus in all of us Slate poetry editor Robert Pinsky gives readers Marianne Moore’s widely anthologized”Poetry”¬†as a topic discussion a few months ago. It was a a joy to read again/It shouldn’t be a mystery as to why this poem among the hundreds she wrote is the one that an otherwise indifferent audience remembers: it’s a poem about poetry. She rather handily summarizes an array of cliches, stereotypes and received misgivings about poetry a literalistic readership might have ,feigns empathy with the complaints, and then introduces one crafty oh-by-the-way after another until the opposite is better presented than the resolution under discussion. This is not a subject I warm up to in…

Tension between an individual and life

Yeats derives his poetic strength from the fusion of his life experiences and his perspective of the world. The tension in the poetry is deeply rooted in the troubled political context of his time and the personal disappointment he suffered throughout his life. He transformed these things into exquisite poetry. As T.S Eliot describe he was able to articulate the human condition and express the timeless truths which are valued by human beings universally. Yeats particularly demonstrates how a poet can reflect the various concerns of his age while maintaining a distinctive voice hence transcending the limitations of time. Yeats expresses this through the two poems “Easter 1916” and “Leda and the Swan”. The tension in Yeats poetry can be…