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Postmodernism Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Postmodernism & Issey Miyake

As designers we critically think about what we want our creations to be, what they look like and most importantly what they are inspired by. The shift and movement away from modernity in western society has become a significant change over the past century, notions of critical theory, art, fashion, literature, and philosophy has changed radically. What has manifested from this is the shift of post modernity/postmodern a complex term that finding a simplified explanation is very difficult to find. This essay will analyse and question what is post modernism and how it developed into the new period. How did fashion grow and adapt to post modernism. And analyse the ideas of Fashion designer Issey Miyake in relation to postmodern…

Existentialism and Postmodernism

Existentialism and Postmodernism, these are two of the fields where Soren Aabye Kierkegaard influenced the most. Kierkegaard was born in the Danish capital Copenhagen from a rich and well-known family of merchant which already included six children. His father, Michael Pedersen, was so dedicated to a stern approach on faith and life to keep his family together. His father appears to be gifted intelligence and spirituality, which Soren inherited luckily. His life is a combination of many ups and downs, and it was rumored that his philosophy was based on his own experiences. He was coined as the “Father of Existentialism” for the contributions he gave to theology. He was for the most part, a philosopher who investigates and dedicates…

Humanities and Postmodernism

In discerning a relationship between the Postmodern Portal and the Green Man, one finds a bridge that connects the past, present, and future. The lackluster color and repetitive patterns of the Green Man symbolizes antiquity or the times of yore. On the other hand, the vibrant and compound nature of the Postmodern Portal symbolizes how one, at present time, looks at the possibilities inherent in the future and prepares to face the challenges brought about by changes and transformations signaled by the shifting of time from present time to the future. The spotlight directed to the man in the Postmodern Portal seems to place the viewer within the context of the present. The walls and the arch symbolizes man’s entry…