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Postmodern Essay

The term modern refers to the period between 1650 and 1950s. There were two approaches that were developed within this period of time (Gergen, 2001). The first one was the act of knowing through senses known as empiricism and the second approach reason or logic (Horvath & Bedi 2002). Postmodernism is the period ranging from the 1950s to the current times. It basically questions the approaches that were developed in the past. Hansen (2002) says postmodernism advocates for utilization of multiple approaches of knowing. It means that it can combine the pre-modern and the modern ways.

He adds that the transition of moving from the modern to the postmodern era now has a substantial impact on the belief that age factor may be used for creating customs and roles in the society. The modern society requires the elderly to be engaged to issues that arose in the society in recognition of the role they have in issues that come u in the society (Hoffman et al. 2005). However, this has changed in the postmodern period expectations from the society has changed and it’s not a cause for dilemma at this point in time and has limited impact social stability.

In 1995 Heiby outlines chaos theory during the formation of a multiple celled being, it is the genetic activators that guide the cells on how to operate and develop. Then there comes a time when it should produce offspring and pass all its features to the offspring. The organism only knows the way on how to reach the reproductive age but it cannot tell the offspring how to operate after it reaches passes this age (Heiby 1995). From this point the information proteins and activators begin to move in a random manner creating chaos.

The organism hence begins to age. The life of this systems begins from one determined point then enters and irreversible state of imbalance and eventually falls down. A person usually stays alive because the genes know how to maintain balance like a pencil that is being held a table with the tip down. At the moment that the information fails to go through, balance of the pencil starts to go down and eventually falls (Heiby 1995).

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