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Possible Statehood for Puerto Rico

Many colonial areas have had to either involuntarily accept becoming a State within the United States of America or vote within the region about whether or not to become a State. Political parties and ideologies are always present in any kind of a social struggle to seek social justice and ethics, and the struggle in Puerto Rico is not new. In 1898, Spain ceded Puerto Rico to the United States in the Treaty of Paris and Puerto Rico was then governed by an American military regime until 1990, when Congress approved a civilian led government. Since 1990, several polls have been taken, counting the casted votes of over 70% of the population, a much higher rate of turnout and interest…

The Possible and the Potential

A Paper on Problems that a Teacher May Encounter in the Classroom Before a teacher steps into a classroom and valiantly imparts to the students whatever it is he/she needs to impart, there would inevitably problems that would be encountered. In fact, before, during and even after a lesson has been conducted and the chalk has been put away, there are bound to be problems encountered in each step. The art of teaching actually does not seem to run out of problems and yet, it is a glorious profession that only the best people on planet earth have the capability to practice. Out of all these inevitable problems, there are those problems which are more prominent than the others—and believe…

Shapes and object

The innovative practice that will be used for this paper is the implementation of a computer-based learning tool for 4th graders learning about geometry. This computer-based tool allows the visualization of various geometric concepts such as point, length, area, and volume. It is expected that with this innovation, students would be able to appreciate the lessons on area and volume better and well beyond that of an understanding that this confined in the formulas in finding the area and volume of different shapes and objects. In implementing this innovation the resources required are the use of the school’s computer laboratory, the license to the use of the computer program that can be modified for the purpose of the lesson, and…