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Positive psychology Essay

The idea and the purpose behind the field of positive psychology is not to cure patients of mental illnesses but to make a normal persons life more fulfilling and more satisfactory. Positive psychology has to do with human happiness, cheerfulness and an optimistic attitude in life on the whole. This branch of psychology works on strengthening personal resolve and character building. It is essentially a specialized field and a fancy name for what was already being practiced by counselors.

In my opinion, adding this branch of psychology demonstrates the growing need for care before cure. Psychologists realize the nature of mental illnesses in this day and age. They are concerned with the rapid increase in the number of patients. Hence in order to keep the rest of the population feeling positive about themselves, psychologists have come to realize that they need to boost the people’s morale to prevent an onset of a mental illness such as depression, which more often than not can easily go unnoticed.

Research shows that the phrase, “laughter- the best medicine”, actually stands true. Laughing, smiling, praising someone on their work and generally feeling satisfied in life rather than unsatisfied and ungrateful are the key elements of positive psychology. If the mind’s happy, the body stays happy. It is the simple application of the ancient concept of the brain controlling the body.

For instance when I am at work, instead of constantly worrying about when I will be getting my promotion, if I am happy that I get to work fewer hours than Bob then my positive attitude will actually help me enjoy my work more. Similarly worrying less about silly things like my favorite cookies being out of stock in the market will do wonders for me on the whole. It’ll make me a more relaxed person, someone who is more approachable and someone who can radiate positive energy into the environment around him. It’ll be my way of giving back to the community.

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