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Positive and Negative emotions Essay

 There are a few benefits associated with experiencing a positive emotion theory. Typically, when you are having a positive emotion you see things on the up side rather than a negative outlook. For instance, people always feel good or continue to think positive if they are getting good grades in school. I, myself is very eager to sustain a positive emotion when my grades are above average and I am getting positive feedback from the instructor saying that I am on a great path in that class. This emotion will help promote a positive well-being. Another benefit associated with experiencing positive emotion is positive effect. With this warrants joy, happiness, and positive fulfillment. These emotions create a desire to search for new possibilities as well expressing your creative talents. Me personally, women are more emotional creatures.

We sometimes can get in our feeling, rather the emotion is positive or negative. We are sensitive, shy, and reluctant at times, versus men who tend to keep their emotions in check. I feel men are the lessor emotionally engaging of the two. Most of the time men are more positive about certain situation unlike women, we can find negativity in a plain paper bag. When comes to the raising of children, men are more apt to being positive. I say that because I can be all up in my emotions dealing with our son and my husband (almost with a blank stare on his face) will say he is a boy let him get bumps and bruises that will toughen him up. Despite what he says I am still a nervous wreck when may fall or hurt himself. So, I think there is a big gap in how men and women differ in negative emotions.

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