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Porter Five Forces Starbucks Essay

Starbucks, a cofee stores chain, serving million of coffee lovers worldwide every week, highlights ‘humanistic approach in doing business, value system of the company’ for its huge success. The company featuring ‘one of the best 100 companies to work for’ in Fortune Magazine several times speaks on its own about the satisfaction of the employees contributing towards its all time success. Providing a great work environment and treating every employee equally with self respect and dignity will take care of employee motivation according to Friedrick Herzberg’s Two factor theory, a content theory of Motivation, where ‘Hygiene’ and ‘Motivator’ factors are kept intact for employee to work and focus upon. By creating a culture of challenging employees to do their best, the company encourages employees in participating in setting goals, where as difficult goals extracting best performance at times, and specific goals extracting guaranteed performance according to ’ Goal setting Theory’ by Edwin A. Locke, a process theory of Motivation.

The company’s motivational program for its employees consists of “a special blend of employee benefits” and a work / personal life program that focuses on the physical, emotional, mental and creative aspects of each individual which covers the salient features of Motivation theories by Abraham Maslow – Hierarchy of Needs of different levels as well as by Clayton Alderfer’s ERG theory (explaining about needs for existence, relatedness and growth). The company always seeks from its employees what they want individually, and attempts to give work / life solutions and this upholds Motivation process theories Vroom’s expectancy theory and J.Stanley Adams Equity theory as employees put effort as per expectations and objectives and for clear and quantified material benefits. Starbucks trusts all employees, gives freedom of expression, openness, participation and contribution towards the goals of self as well as for company realising the positive aspects of Motivational theory by Mc Greg or – Theory x & Theory Y – which ultimately aims at delight of internal customers, i.e., employees (called as partners) and keeps going and growing.

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