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Popular Piety Refers to Religious Practices Essay

1) Popular piety refers to religious practices that arise and occur outside of the official faith. Typically the term is used within the context of the Catholic Church forms of popular piety can be seen from as far back as Ancient Rome when the people would practice pious exercises to their goods, family and homelands.

2) –Sinulog is an annual festival held n the third Sunday of January in Cebu city and maasin city, southern Leyte, Philippines. The festival commemorates the bisayan people’s pangan origin and their coceptance of Roman Catholicism.

-Santacruzan religious historical beauty held in many cities, towns and even small villages throughout the Philippines during month of Mary.

-Simbang gabi or misa de Gello is a nine-day novena, honoring Mother Mary is a centuries old-of Jesus Christ, it begins on Dec.16 and ends on the mid of the 24th of Dec night which is the midnight mass.

-Black Nazareno known to devotees in Spanish as Nuestra Padre Jesus Nazareno is a life dark wooden scripture of Jesus Christ carrying the cross believed to s miraculous by many Filipino Catholics.

-Pahiyas is the time when people in Lucban, Quzon give thank to san isidro Labrador for a good harvest – pahiyas means “ decor” every may 15 the fronts of house are elaborately decorated with brightly colored.

3) Because some confided their petitions were granted. Whatever the intentions may be, it certainly is an opportunity to thank the Lord for blessings received, especially for reaching another Christmas and a New Year. The nine-day Misa de Gallo is also one of the best ways of preparing spiritually for the blessed season of Christmas which has become more and more materialistic and commercialized.

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