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Pope Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Pope John Paul II

The 20th century historical figure that I admire the most would have to be the late Karol Josef Wojtyla or most known as Pope John Paul II. He was a man of few words yet everything that he speaks about is always deemed important by his constituents. Even though he nearly died due to an assassination plot staged before him, he willfully accepted the apology of his assassin and forgave him. John Paul met with Islamic leaders all over the world, preaching brotherhood and engaging in dialogue. He apologized for past misdeeds of the church, including the Crusades. In Syria in 2001, just four months before the Sept. 11 attacks, he became the first pope to enter a mosque. But…

Michelangelo Sistine chapel how is it humanism

Pope Julius II asked Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine (sins-teen) chapel in 1508. The chapel was Built by Pope Sixtus IV in 1481. Which happened to be in the Vatican, is known to be the pope’s headquarters in Rome. The chapel measuring in at 130 feet long and 44 feet wide – was a large undertaking to paint. The Sistine chapel particularly important to pope Julius II, since it was the site in which cardinals met to elect new people. Four three years (1508 – 1511) Michelangelo climbed scaffolding in the chapel to his perch about 65 feet above the chapels floor. From This perch, he painted more then 300 massive human figures onto the 5,8000 square-foot…

Primary Source Analysis: The Act of Supremacy 1534

The primary source I chose to research is The Act of Supremacy (1534). This was an act passed by the English Parliament establishing the English monarch, which at the time was Henry Tudor VIII, as the head of state and religious head of the Church of England. Although there is always some glamorization in the writing and depiction of historically based movies, I enjoyed both “The Other Boleyn Girl” and the cable series “The Tudors”. I found Henry VIII quite interesting, twisting both law and religion to suit his particular wants. The ideas for The Act of Supremacy document, I assume, would have been from King Henry VIII but was written by Lord Thomas Cromwell to be made into legislation…